Medical Debt

We understand how hard you work to help your patients. When your patients don’t pay, we are here to help.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering a pre-collection process for our medical creditors. This process gives your patients an opportunity to pay the debt without incurring any collection costs to you or your patient. If the patient does not take advantage of that opportunity, our professional team of collecting agents will call your patients and professionally explain to them the benefits of paying their debts. Some of those benefits are: avoiding a lawsuit, avoiding additional collection fees and attorney fees, avoiding a judgment and garnishment, etc.

We will also send a series of letters to your patients reminding them of their obligation to pay the debt.

If these efforts do not work, we will file a lawsuit against the patient, obtain a judgment and garnish wages, bank accounts or take other collection activities as appropriate.

We do all of this on a contingency fee basis. In other words, we will not charge you any fees unless we are successful in collection money for you.

Because our company is owned and managed by Utah licensed attorneys, we can also assist you in the wording of your patient contracts to maximize the amount collected.

Please contact us today to get started.