Working For Money You Have Already Earned?

One of the biggest setbacks for companies is a lack of cash flow. Hiring a collection agency helps the growth of your business not only by collecting the debts that are owed to you, but by freeing up your employees to do what you hired them to do. At Utah Debt Collections we do everything we can to make the collection process as easy as possible for our clients.

Client Access

We not only provide our clients with a monthly update on the status of their accounts, but they are also able to view the status of their accounts online at any time. Clients may also request an update by phone or email.

Turning Bad Debt Into Cash

We don’t give up on collecting debts just because they are old. Our collection strategy and resources allow us to keep working on accounts that our clients have given up on. If you have given up on collecting¬†the debts that are owed to you, let us take a shot at collecting them for you. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results.

A Friendly Debt Collection Agency

At Utah Debt Collections our collectors always communicate with debtors in a fair and friendly manner. Not only do we realize that poor communication chases away customers, but we also realize that when we are communicating with debtors we are speaking with real people who deserve to be treated fairly. We also understand that these debtors must pay the money that they owe to you. We persistently pursue the collection of debts in an effective and professional manner. If a debtor refuses to pay, we will take legal action to get you the money that is rightfully owed to you.

Meet With Members of Our Debt Collection Team

We understand that you may have further questions about our services. In an effort to answer your questions we would like to speak with you in person about your situation and not only explain how we can assist in the growth of your business, but also to answer any specific questions you might have. We offer this service for free, so you have nothing to lose. Call in and schedule an appointment with us now at a time and place that works best for you. (801) 890-2300 or (801) 921-8322

Save Time, Energy, and Your Money

Worried about putting all of your eggs in one basket? If this is a concern for you, just place a few accounts with us. Let the results of our services determine your decision. We are confident that we will collect for your business and become your trusted collection agency. Collecting debts on your own is difficult. Not only does it take precious time away from what you do best, but you may not even have the right resources in order to find and contact your debtors. If you are tired of trying to convince debtors to pay money that is rightfully owed to you, why not let us give you a hand?

Our Commitment to You

At Utah Debt Collections we take pride in making accommodations for each of our clients. We understand that you live busy lives, so we do our best to lighten your load by making the collection process as easy for you as possible. Our staff is committed to collecting the debts that are owed to you in a timely manner and in the most friendly way possible.