What Sets Us Apart?

We at Utah Debt Collections have vast experience collecting a wide range of debts. Our team takes an individual approach to each debt, customizing our efforts based on the type of debt, the type of debtor, the debt history and the information we gain directly from the debtor. This flexible and customized approach allows us to collect debts quickly and efficiently.

Some of the things that set us apart form our competitors are:

  1. We are a local debt collection agency, we do not use or employ foreign call centers to pursue your debt. You or your staff can contact us directly, either in person, by phone, by email or through our web portal to get information about the status of your collections.
  2. We are owned and operated by attorneys with years of experience collecting debts. This allows us to aggressively, yet professionally, pursue debt collections. We can quickly adapt to new problems and situations and make sure our collectors are giving out timely and accurate information. This also allows us to quickly assess when a lawsuit against a debtor is appropriate and pursue the lawsuit is a quick and efficient manner. We can also help you with client contracts that will maximize your collection efforts and amounts.
  3.  We have flexible payment methods. We can accept cash, check, money order, debit card or credit cards from our customers.
  4. Our computers and web portals are completely HIPAA compliant and secure.
  5. Our software allows our clients to access their accounts via the internet 24/7 and see what progress is being made on each of their accounts.